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.x. Name - Lyndsey
.x. Age - 14
.x. Location -Indiana

.x. Top ten bands - Taking Back Sunday,The Spill Canvas,Ryan Cabrera,Matchbook romance,the used,the killers,yellowcard,fall out boy,my chemical romance
.x. Top three songs - ryan cabrera-take it all away
matchbook romance-tiger lily
taking back sunday-cute without the e
.x. Five books -the notebook,a walk to remember,cut,message in a bottle,the outsiders
.x. Three movies -the notebook,a walk to remember,the virgin suicides!

.x. Teen Sex- If you're ready. Go for it. You should use protection though, and it should always always always be with somebody you truly care about. I dont believe in the whole having sex just to have sex. It shoudl mean something.
.x. Drinking-If you know your limits, and can do it without getting completley wasted to where you can't control yourself then its fine. Just as long as you dont do it like every single weekend, and drink so much you have nooo idead what is going on and not be able to control your body&what you do
.x. Drugs-I find them stupid&pointles. They do nothing but give you a high that doesnt last for very long. They smell bad&they screw up your life. They have a long term effect on your health&they just ruin your body
.x. Suicide-It's hard to understand. My best friend's dad killed himself when she was little, and i've seen all shes gone through with it. But it is your life, and you in the end, should make the decision to live or die. But everybody should remember that there is always help for them&they arent alone.
.x. Labels-Ugh, I absolutley hate them. I think its completley ignorant to put people into categories. I dont like to be labeled, nor label peopl. People just try to be themselves and i hate when they are made fun of our labeled as something for being themselves

.x. Why do you want to join?It seems like a fun community
.x. What will you bring to the community?I'm online alot so i will definitley be very very active.
.x. At least three, at most five pictures of you, preferably from different angles, please let us be able to see your face.

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