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.x. Name - Meghan
.x. Age - 16
.x. Location - Sayreville, New Jersey (thank you for your sympathy)

.x. Top ten bands - Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Yellowcard, Matchbook Romance, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, The Killers, Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional
.x. Top three songs - "right side of the bed" atreyu; "mr. brightside" the killers; "all that i've got" the used (they vary quite often)
.x. Five books - the seance; white lies and barefaced truths; the outsiders (oldie but a goodie); where the red fern grows; any of the harry potter books
.x. Three movies - cruel intentions; the butterfly effect; titanic (classic!!)

.x. Teen Sex- its your choice...when you feel your ready then your ready...just don't be stupid about it...meaningless sex=bad...be smart and responsible about it and make sure that that's what you really want to do...
.x. Drinking- again its your choice...unresponsible drinking can turn even the most respectable people into morons...so if your wise about it and need something to drown your sorrows in...fine...just don't do something stupid like drive home
.x. Drugs- i'm completely against drugs...somehow i just don't get how you need to get high...you may find me judgemental for this but i have my reasons...my cousin does pot, weed, adderall, cocaine, acid...just about every drug you can imagine and he claims that he needs it in order to keep functioning...i'm sorry but if you do drugs then your not making yourself function...your making yourself slowly shut down
.x. Suicide- again completely against it...i'm on a popular drug called accutane and let me tell you about suicide thoughts...this drug is known to have attempts of suicide or thoughts of it...its not a pretty way to be...and i hate the way i was...until my lifesaver of a best friend helped me out of it...nothing and i mean nothing is that bad that you have to kill yourself...it took me awhile to realize it...but its the truth
.x. Labels- i think they're stupid...why must people be labeled?...its completely pointless...you wear your "label" around high school and then when you go to college and get out into the real world...guess what?...people in the real world aren't going to know what "label" you're from and quite frankly...they don't care...i find them pointless and severely ridiculous

.x. Why do you want to join? this seems like a fun community and i've always had fun looking at peoples applications and either accepting or rejecting them
.x. What will you bring to the community? i believe that i can be active and help vote on applications and possibly help give the person a few pointers to make their application more interesting
.x. At least three, at most five pictures of you, preferably from different angles, please let us be able to see your face.

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